Architects Biographies

Brief biography of the principal architects and artists of Guatemalan Modern Movement

Roberto Aycinena Echeverría. Arq.(1917-2006)
Sciences and Letters Bachelor, Instituto Modelo, Guatemala (1938)
Economics Bachelor, Economics Faculty, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
He was scholarship from Evansville College, USA in economics studies.
Architect, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM (1955)
He was incorporated into Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
Postgraduate Course: High Theory of Architecture.
Architect Mayor, Guatemala City.
University Professor. Member of prestigious national and foreign institutions.

Jorge Mariano Montes Córdoba, Arq. (1927)
High School Diploma, French School, Morelos, Mexico (1946)
Architect, Auburn University, USA (1952)
He made several professional seminars and studies over the years.
President of the Society of Architects in Guatemala. Central American Federation of Architects. Chairman Dean of the Architecture Faculty, University of San Carlos de Guatemala.
President of the Partnership for Urban Development educators.

Pelayo Llarena Murua (1924)
Sciences and Letters Bachelor, Infantes College, Guatemala (1943)
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Illinois, USA (1949)
He was incorporated into Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
Postgraduate in Architecture Theory, Guatemala Medal winner for the Societé des Architéctes Diplomáe par le Gouverment, France.
Head of projects in signing Day & Zimmermann, Inc.
Pelayo Architect and collaborators. Chief Architect of the signing Pelayo Llarena and collaborators.

Raúl Minondo Herrera (1924)
Sciences and Letters Bachelor, Infantes College, Guatemala (1943)
Civil Engineer, Harvard University (1946)
Architect, Harvard University (1949)
Associated Signing, Minondo & Cordón Co-Founder of Architects Central America Federation. Architectural Desing Professor.

Carlos Alberto Haeussler Uribio (1923)
Sciences and Letters Bachelor, Instituto Nacional Central para Varones (1945)
Architect, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)(1953)
He conducted specialization studies in the U.S.A. and Europe. University Professor.

Efraín Enrique Recinos Valenzuela (1928)
Sciences and Letters Bachelor, Instituto Normal Central, Guatemala Civil Engineer, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
Painting and sculpture, Fine Arts School, Guatemala. Self-taught painter. Leicester Polytechnic, London.
Visual arts and Ceramics, Guatemala Acoustics auditoriums with Dr. William Jordan of Denmark. Graphic Artist, designer, painter, sculptor, head of works, technical adviser, designer and architect.

Roberto González Goyri (1924)
Sculptor and painter.
National Academy of Fine Arts in Guatemala; Fellow in 1948 in New York, "Arts Students League" and "Clay Sculpture Center."
Participated in national and international exhibitions.
He was director of the National School of Plastic Arts.
His sculpture is characterized by synthesizing of human figures and other elements.
Author of the murals of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (west facade) and National Mortgage Credit Building (east facade)

Carlos Mérida (1924-1984)
He traveled abroad, and therefore had the opportunity to meet Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Roberto Montenegro, Jorge Enciso and other artists.
He designed the cover of the first edition of the book "A man who looked like a horse" by Rafael Arévalo Martínez.
He settled in México where he devoted himself to painting easel and the mural.
Edited several portfolios of prints that, include indigenous Guatemalans and Mexicans costumes. He made several exhibitions nationally and internationally.
In addition to the murals that designed and implemented in Guatemala, within the Civic Center, in Mexico is the Multifamiliar Benito Juárez buildings. Also the Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala bears his name.

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