Modernism in Miniature

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
22 September 2011 to 8 January 2012, Octagonal Gallery

Modernism in Miniature: Points of View explores the encounter between photography and model-making between 1920-1960. It focuses on model photography as a distinctive genre and suggests that the so-called ‘model boom’ was inextricably bound up with the explosion of modern mass media.

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Efraín Recinos (1928-2011)

La arquitectura moderna hecha en Guatemala se enriqueció al integrar la obra del Maestro Recinos.
El diseño, al integrar en su propuesta la utilidad con la estética, cumple con la función de transformar la realidad no solo desde la perspectiva de lo utilitario, ya que la estética es ese componente ético social que imprime en la propuesta arquitectónica espacios que conmueven el alma.
El Maestro Recinos siempre manifestó en su obra esa capacidad crítica y no pocas veces lúdica de tocar las fibras mas sensibles de nuestro ser. La comunidad universitaria dice un hasta pronto a uno de sus más ilustres maestros, su obra hablará por siempre a las futuras generaciones.


8th International Congress on The History of Modern Spanish architecture:

Architectural Magazines (1900-1975): chronicles, manifestos, propaganda
18 June 2011
Pamplona (Navarra)/Spain

In the 20th century, architectural magazines had a key role as vehicles for news transfer and exchange of opinions, written or constructed; in the years of the eruption of modernity architectural magazines became the media to strengthen convictions and reaffirm achievements as well as regular channels for manifestos, the dissemination of ideas and the defense and exposure of new aesthetic principles and goals. Afterwards, the proliferation of magazines and the loss of its status as a showcase of a new society, led to distorting the meaning of its contents, empty of conceptual novelty and almost exclusively full of formal innovation, though still a vehicle for exchange of concerns and achievements.

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ORGANIZER: Escuela de Arquitectura. Universidad de Navarra
CONTACT : congresoarq@unav.es
ABSTRACTS: (2.500 characters) should be sent by e-mail (Spanish or English) until 18 June 2011.


Viipuri Library- nominated by the Finnish-Russian Restoration

The Viipuri Library in Vyborg, Russia, was designed and built by modernist Finnish architect Alvar Aalto between 1927 and 1935. At the time of construction the land was held by Finland. However, as a result of shifting borders during WWII, Vyborg became part of Russia. Aalto’s library is considered a milestone in the history of modern architecture. The building exemplifies features that would later become defining characteristics of Aalto’s modernist work.



Caravaggio's crimes exposed in Rome's police files

Four hundred years after his death, Caravaggio is a 21st Century superstar among old master painters. His stark, dramatically lit, super-realistic paintings strike a modern chord - but his police record is more shocking than any modern bad boy rock star's.

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