8th International Congress on The History of Modern Spanish architecture:

Architectural Magazines (1900-1975): chronicles, manifestos, propaganda
18 June 2011
Pamplona (Navarra)/Spain

In the 20th century, architectural magazines had a key role as vehicles for news transfer and exchange of opinions, written or constructed; in the years of the eruption of modernity architectural magazines became the media to strengthen convictions and reaffirm achievements as well as regular channels for manifestos, the dissemination of ideas and the defense and exposure of new aesthetic principles and goals. Afterwards, the proliferation of magazines and the loss of its status as a showcase of a new society, led to distorting the meaning of its contents, empty of conceptual novelty and almost exclusively full of formal innovation, though still a vehicle for exchange of concerns and achievements.

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ORGANIZER: Escuela de Arquitectura. Universidad de Navarra
CONTACT : congresoarq@unav.es
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